Happy Homes

We thought the pre-home process was complicated: Two years cautiously watching our credit and saving, finding a loan, going to hundreds of open houses, contracts getting rejected, and all of the stress, hiccups and tears that go along with the home buying process. After finally finding our dream home, we signed the papers and received the keys to an empty…

20th annual Boulder Wedding Showcase

The 20th annual Boulder Wedding Showcase was held on Sunday, January 29th at both Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery & Event Center and Boulder Theater. Recently engaged couples were able to plan the wedding of their dreams by meeting with some of the area's best wedding experts. Photography by Lucy Schultz.

CWA Kickoff @ Alpine Modern Cafe

The Conference on World Affairs recently held a kickoff event at Alpine Modern Cafe. Guests were asked to vote on possible panelists for the week long CWA event, which will be held in April. Photography by Eliza Donley.

Alpine Fit Grand Opening Party

Thanks to a real community effort Alpine Fit Physical Therapy & Nutrition had an incredible kick-off evening complete with the support of local violinist Michaela, Bolder Pilates's incredible space, artwork by local artist Sarah Kinn, flowers by Fiori and much more. Photography by Noah Katz.

Petunia Mafia Cycling Kickoff Meeting at Rags

Colorado-based women's cycling club Petunia Mafia held a kickoff event at Rags Consignments in Boulder. Women gathered to learn about the team's plans for the year, enjoyed food and beverages from local businesses and got the chance to shop for stylish fashions. Photography by Kelly Morrill.

March 2017 Around Town

At Boulder Country Day School, students enrolled in the Ocean Conservation Exploratory class have started petitions to serve causes that their learning has led them to be passionate about. BCD science teacher, Dr. Carl Hager, a Professor of Oceanography and Marine Mammal Acoustician at the US Naval Academy from 2006 to 2014, now shares his passion for the aquatic sciences…

DeHaven’s Haven

Michelle DeHaven opens the doors to her shop, and she waits. She waits for the customers to come, waits eagerly for their reactions. She waits to see if all her hard work will pay off. It’s 11 a.m. but her day has hardly 
just begun. Well before opening the shop, DeHaven has already tackled brand research, answering emails, posting to…

Silver Soiree

Twenty-five years ago an abandoned dairy became a center for Boulder artists and organizations. Today, the recently renovated Dairy Arts Center hosts over 250,000 arts experiences every year, and in early February hosted its Silver Soiree event to celebrate Boulder with visual, performing and cinematic arts. Photography by Ani Vattano.

Designing a Life

Emily Tucker starts her day with a fresh cup of coffee, in the comfort of her home, where she has cherry-picked each item filling her space to fit her aesthetic. Surrounded by items that meet her specifications, everything is easy to clean and would stand the test of time, in style as well as durability. Less practical things have simply…

The Spring Awakening

We’re excited to celebrate the arrival of spring. Hibernation is coming to an end as sure signs of spring start revealing themselves. As one season ends and a new one awakens, it’s a new chance to reinvent yourself, career and life, or just your home and wardrobe.

Vision Into View

When the Real family purchased a 1975 ranch-style house situated on 9 acres in East Boulder, they had a clear vision for fitting the home to their lifestyle. It would be contemporary but soft, fun and open. Most importantly, it would take advantage of the clear views spanning from the Flatirons to Longs Peak.

Tiny Homes, Big Impact

In 2016, the University of Colorado Denver’s Colorado Building Workshop (CBW) continued its partnership with the Colorado Outward Bound School; a not-for-profit organization focused on outdoor education. After designing and building 14 insulated year-round micro cabins for students of COBS the year before, this year’s goal was to create a village of seven cabins for its senior staff.

All About the Altitude

For anyone who sat on the floor in a cardboard box as a kid with a pair of goggles strapped on and arms outstretched as you “soared” over plains and mountain ranges, experiencing the Colorado skies via helicopter is an approachable, breathtaking, and, at its core, immensely safe endeavor thanks to local company Colorado Heli-Ops.

Rental Ready

The Front Range is a perfect storm of vacation excitement. From outdoor activities to nightlife, five-star restaurants, craft breweries, and more, the Boulder Valley offers a blend of everything on a vacationer’s wish list. So why not rent out your space while you're out of town? Local business Home Host is a full-service, short-term rental management, and marketing company that…

Hydrotherapy Gaining Steam

There is no denying the stress relief that comes from a long soak in a hot tub. With a deep sigh, the body relaxes, and troubles seem to melt away. Water has been used for healing just about as long as there have been people with ailments. Its therapeutic applications are well documented all the way back to ancient Roman,…

The Butcher and the Chef

Braised Lamb Shanks are one of my favorite dishes to serve in the middle of a cold winter. They are comforting, filling, warm, and depending on how you serve them, they are relatively healthy. Colorado Lamb is considered the best lamb in the world. In that vein, we suggest serving this delicious entree when the nights are long, and the…


In honor of Spring’s imminent arrival, this week’s icon of design is…Eero Saarinen’s Tulip tables and chairs! Crazy name, crazy furniture. This guy is a little confusing, as his daddy-o, Eliel Saarinen was also a famous designer and director of the Cranbrook Academy of Art, where Saarinen eventually taught as well (I know you must be getting sick of hearing…

Raising the Roost

If you live on land classified as suburban residential in Boulder… guess what! You can have a chicken coop! For suburban residences, eight hens are allotted per residence. Roosters, however, are not allowed on suburban residential lots because they can make a lot of noise!

The Wine of the House

We had the pleasure of talking to Jack TerHar of Sill-TerHar Motors about wine. TerHar has been collecting wine for about 40 years. With four separate wine cellars in his collection (in addition to owning Vail Fine Wines in downtown Vail!), we figured TerHar would be the perfect person to talk to about different wine storage options for those just…


Archimedes had his Eureka! moment in his bathtub. I had mine on Pearl Street. A steady crowd runs left and right of Pearl and 10th streets as I walk in from the East. My first thought is how uniquely modern and inviting the facade and patio look, even from a block away. The full-length glass windows coupled with the sizable…

The Man Behind the Music

Otis Taylor, prominent American blues musician, and Boulderite, just released his 15th album, Fantasizing About Being Black. 
Throughout his musical career Taylor, a somewhat soft-spoken, warm personality with a welcoming sense of humor, has primarily focused on the harsher realities of life in his songwriting, particularly the harsh realities of Black America. While the lives of Black Americans have always…

In the home of…