Sill TerHar Motors Kentucky Derby Party

Sill TerHar Motors recently hosted clients and friends to a top shelf Kentucky Derby party experience. Over $100,000 was raised to benefit the Morgan Adams Foundation, and celebrate the life of Mia Ertl. Photography by Travis Broxton.


For many die-hard music fans, summer means festival season. Living in the state of Colorado, we are privilege to some of the best in the country right out our back door.

Pro Peloton + Scarpetta Wine Event

In May, our food and libation series, From The Musette, treated everyone to fabulous blends from our good friends at 
Scarpetta and Squadra Wines. Special thanks to co-counder, Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson for pouring the wine himself! Thanks to Cured and The Boulder Wine Merchant for their generous support. Photography by Taro Smith.

Mountain Flower Goat Dairy at Wonder

Wonder Press hosted an event on April 27th featuring delicious food, wine and four-legged friends to help Mountain Flower Dairy raise funds to purchase a pasteurizer. Chef Grant Buchanan curated a one-of-a-kind barn to table culinary experience and a 3-course dinner, using fresh local ingredients of Boulder. Photography Ashleigh Cropper, Red Aspen Photography

Care Cup Challenge

More than 150 golfers gathered at The Omni Golf Club to support There With Care, which serves families 
with children facing critical illness.

Not to Miss Summer List

If you’re like me, you want to get out and explore Colorado this summer, but you are limited by a few small details. Your little ones can’t sit still in the car for a drive to Telluride, and you’re not so great at planning anything two months in advance. But you need to get out of the house or you…

Mountain Flower Dairy

Between the months of February and May, as the snow sluggishly vanished, the ground thawed and greenery blessed the hillsides of Boulder, Mountain Flower Dairy was busy welcoming 20 baby goats. Once old enough, many of these kids will be passed along to other farms and four or five will be mixed into the herd, becoming permanent residents at this…

Traditional Whole Milk Ricotta

Top your favorite bread or crostini with homemade ricotta and sweet fig jam. Best with lemon shaves and a touch of fresh thyme.

Botanist’s Variety

Via Arabic ليلك lilak from Persian نیلک nilak meaning "bluish." 
The genus name Syringa is derived from Greek syrinx, meaning a hollow tube or pipe and refers to the broad pith in the shoots in some species, easily hollowed out since ancient times to make reed pipes and flutes.

Paint by Numbers

My daughter Maggie loves art — drawing, painting, you name it. So, for her 5th birthday, I planned a watercolor art party. As a professional party planner, I’m all about the details but for a kid's birthday it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s where the DIY elements come in!

Creative Kids

If you're interested in having your art published in an upcoming issue of Boulder Lifestyle, we're looking for young artists 11–18 years old in the Boulder area to submit their work! 
The realm of art can include photography, writing, poetry, drawing, painting and everything in between!

La Dolce Vita

Pearl Street is bustling with life on a Thursday evening as I make my way to Boulder’s new Italian hotspot, Via Perla. Bordered by both 9th and Pearl streets in the heart of the West End, Via Perla is flanked by an outdoor patio perfect for Pearl Street people-watching over artfully crafted Italian fare.

Homegrown | Diving Deep

Born and raised in Aspen, Colorado, artist Juliana Forbes has held a pencil or paintbrush in her hand ever since she can remember claiming, “Art has been a bright thread weaving through every experience in my life.” In the '90s, she moved to Boulder, where she raised her children and currently paints and teaches classes to young students out of…

Saving Face

Summer. It’s the season of long hikes, bike rides, gardening and all the things we love to do outside. But all this time enjoying the beautiful outdoors can make it oh-so-easy to forget the power of our Colorado sun. It’s true that sun exposure helps you make vitamin D, but too much of it can wreak havoc on your skin,…

The Taste of Summer

Place the watermelon into a pitcher and either use your hands or a potato masher to crush up the watermelon until it is in a mostly liquid state. Add the tequila and the cointreau, let sit for a few minutes, then stir to combine. Next, add the limeaid and the club soda. finally, juice the two limes directly into the…

All American Wedding | Kate Siegel & Jay Shimko

Kate Siegel first laid eyes on Jay Shimko across a crowded bar, but Kate Siegel first laid eyes on Jay Shimko across a crowded bar, but she didn’t think he’d noticed her. It wasn’t until she was on her way out that he summoned her with a smile, a wave, and of course, a beer. That first encounter turned into…

Getting CrossFit

Always remember, intensity is key so scale the loading or length of the workout to ensure it is done quickly with good form opposed to slowly or with compromised form.

The Lumineers

If you had to listen to one album or song right now, what would it be? “Well, I did just listen to this one album, "Amnesiac," by Radiohead on a plane coming back to Denver, and it just floored me because it was just so inventive and crazy.”

Around Town

Art + Soul is proud to present the first solo show by Boulder artist, Bill Snider. A Fine Arts Graduate of CU with a major in kinetic sculpture, then a then a filmmaker for 30 years, Bill describes his current work as “falling somewhere between painting and sculpture.”

2016 Volvo XC90

All of the attention, all of the awards. We are honored. The all-new Volvo XC90 was named Motor Trend’s 2016 SUV of the year, yet again. Developed with a 316 horsepower, supercharged and turbo charged engine, a tablet like control system and luxurious Scandanavian design, the all-new Volvo sets a higher standard.

Who Are You?

You could say Neely Spence Gracey was born with the fate to run the Boston Marathon. Gracey was born on Marathon Monday in 1990, and 26 years later she was the first American woman to finish the 120th Boston Marathon at 2:35:00.

Meeting of the Minds:Cultivating a Neurodiverse Workplace

Employers, educators and community members gathered for an informative discussion about how Cultivating a Neurodiverse Workplace can help teams unleash their competitive advantage. All proceeds benefitted the Temple Grandin School. Photography by Scott Shek.