There With Care’s Red Carpet Adventure

The 2015 Red Carpet Adventure, sponsored by The Oak Foundation and American Financing, 
successfully honored 10 years of There With Care.

TRU Community Care/TRU Hospice Hosted PIZZAZ

More than 200 guests celebrated high-quality, end-of-life care offered by TRU – it is, after all, What TRUly Matters. 

Children First of the Rockies Farm-to-Table Dinner

A picturesque setting at Ollin Farms welcomed guests whose generosity supports the group's mission of fostering parent-child relationships in a safe, supportive environment. Sponsored by Tenacity Investment Group, 20/20 Tax Resolution, Re-Source America and Lexmark.

Pompadours’ 25th Anniversary

Pompadours Hair Salon on Pearl Street celebrated their 25th Anniversary with charcuterie platters and drinks from 3 Chicks Bartending and Avery Brewing Co. Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate! Photography Laura Kinser

Willow’s 2nd Anniversary Party

Willow celebrated its 2-year anniversary in style! Attendees sipped cocktails from Geek Spirits, nibbled on snacks from Community Table Kitchen, snapped shots in an exclusive Todd Reed photo booth and shopped Fall 2015 fashion.

Bill Walton at Hazel’s

Hazel's Beverage World hosted one of the greatest basketball players of our time, 
Bill Walton, for an afternoon of Azuñia bottle signing and fan questions.

Dawson’s Inaugural Farm-to-Table

More than 130 guests dined on superb cuisine, paired with premium beverages, on the beautiful Dawson campus where Lucky's Market was the Platinum underwriting sponsor for the event. Photography courtesy of Dawson School

Month of Modern 2015 Kick Off

Ignite x MoM15 was a sold out crowd at eTown. Guests witnessed an evening of enlightening talks focused around "Imagine a Great City" by some of the best and brightest minds in Boulder. Photography Lisa Doane

Facing Fall with Alchemy | Rose

The hustle and bustle of life has often forced us women to compromise on beauty routines, products and an overall sense of being pampered, but the women of the newly opened Alchemy | Rose envision a life where women can indulge in a healthy beauty routine without sacrificing their entire day.

Choose Your Own (Food) Adventure

The dining out experience is in need of a shakeup. You choose a restaurant, read a menu, eat what you order, and go home. Sure, you (hopefully) get something better than what would have come out of your home kitchen and you save yourself the dishes, but the concept is the same whether you go to an Italian or modern…


Like a fine-tuned sports car, the RTM is built for performance. 3D Ridge technology forms a raised central ridge on the ski, giving it just the right amount of flex and torsional rigidity without adding extra weight, so edge-to-edge transitions are smooth in any conditions. The RTM comes standard with the WideRide XL 12.0 binding system.

Ripple Effect

Non-profits function as bridges between the public and affordable products and services—things not always readily available to all pockets of the population. By maximizing resources in order to solve pressing issues, non-profits tap into their surplus revenues and use funds to further attain their driving purpose or mission. While the non-profit backdrop is vast and wide, all play imperative roles…

“The Nutcracker” Gets a Makeover

If you grew up in Boulder, you grew up with the knowledge that the Boulder Ballet’s annual Nutcracker performance was not to be missed. As a dancer, I always admired the professionalism, magnitude and grace of their Christmas-time performance, and noticed that non-dancers appreciated this annual treat just as much, or more, than I did. Boulder Ballet is a common…

Hot Off The (Letter)Press

In an age of burgeoning automation and ever-expanding technology, Brian Wood is taking a step back. Waaaaaay back. Wood is the owner of Dogs & Stars, a fully functional letterpress studio in East Boulder County. What began as a casual curiosity has evolved into a year-round enterprise for this self-proclaimed “type junkie.”


Don’t miss Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows, premiering this fall along the Front Range November 11th through November 25th. Warren Miller started making ski films in 1949 when he was living in the Sun Valley parking lot and people thought he was insane. Today, Warren Miller Entertainment is releasing its 66th film and is one of the biggest names in sports…

The Science of Sleep

We have all found ourselves asking this question, whether it be to our colleagues in the morning, our kids when they come downstairs for breakfast, or to guests staying in our spare bedroom. We highly value the sleeping experience of others, but we often don’t translate that to prioritizing it for ourselves. From teenagers measuring who can stay up the…


Short on time but looking for your mountain fix this winter? Keystone’s easy access from Boulder makes it an ideal choice for a quick day trip to the mountains. Nestled just off I-70, Summit County’s largest ski resort boasts more skiable acres than you could ever cover in a day trip– plus 20 lifts, two gondolas, five back bowls and…

Boulder Bike Food Rescue

Established by Boulder Food Rescue, this program facilitates grass roots food recovery and movement - built around ending food waste both in the Rocky Mountain region and around the country, including places like Denver, Colorado Springs, Jackson Hole, Seattle, Charlotte, Atlanta and Managua, Nicaragua. The project entails a peer-learning network between food recovery organizations, technology driven logistics, research and more.


I fell in love with wallpaper 20+ years ago in the height of the Waverly heyday when everything was a large floral scale in either burgundy, navy blue or forest green. The worst part was not the papering but the removal of three coats of unprimed paper with a “paper tiger” and a garden hose. Luckily, times have changed! Papering…

Feel-Good Smoothies

Smoothies are a tasty and healthy way to start the day (but they don’t need to be limited to mornings). Blending fruits, vegetables and other “add-ins” can create a nutritious meal replacement, snack or treat. We suggest starting with fruits and veggies (spinach and kale work well and won’t make your smoothie any less sweet), moving onto a liquid base…

Waiting for the snow to fall.

For climbers, bikers and runners, the warm fall temperatures have undoubtedly been welcomed with joy. Snow sports enthusiasts, however, are likely feeling the snow will never reach us.

BEER Of The Month

New Planet is staying relevant amidst the changing face of the gluten-free industry. In recent weeks, the brewery unveiled its newest line of beer, only the two styles aren’t gluten-free like the rest of its line; they are gluten-reduced.

dan’s picks

1. Lightweight Dynafit Denali size 178 cm. - In the winter, my wife and I go for a morning "dawn patrol" backcountry ski in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. My ski of choice is the lightweight Dynafit Denali size 178 cm. It’s light for going quickly uphill and wide enough to enjoy the deepest powder. Available at Neptune Mountaineering.
2. My Dale…

November 2015 Around Town

The 2015 Newman Awards celebrates excellence in the classical tradition within the Rocky Mountain Region and honors achievement in architecture, interiors, landscape design, history & journalism, artisanship, and student work. Todd was honored with one of the most prestigious award of the evening, the Rocky Mountain Visionary Award. He is excited to be acknowledged by such a great organization. The…