The All New Land Rover Discovery Sport

There is a new kid on the Land Rover block, with quite a familiar name. From 1989 to 2005, the Land Rover Discovery held court as the very capable, budget-friendly kin to the more expensive, and luxurious, Range Rover. I’ll never forget the day I drove my Army green 1995 Land Rover Discovery off the lot. Although the vehicle was 10 years old…

Sandwichs in the City

Boulder is a great city, but we already knew that. Mountain views, miles of bike trails, craft beer worth bragging about and ... Sandwiches. That's right. Here in our comfortable foothills paradise lie sandwich shops galore. Each one is packed full of local charm and, well, delicious eats. We sampled four of Boulder's premiere sandwiches to see how each one stacked…

Belz Architecture Takes Bi-Level Beyond Beautiful

What started as a 1960s rectangular brick bi-level has been completely transformed into a stunning, updated home full of natural light and stylish finishings.

June 2015 Parting Thoughts


When Sour is Sweet

If you watched the Super Bowl this year, you probably saw the Budweiser commercial that puffed their chest proudly at being a “Macro Beer.” The beer giant then proceeded to take cheap shots at the craft beer community. While I do agree that the bearded hipsters in skinny jeans can take things a little too far sometimes, I’m personally enjoying…

Off the Beaten Path: Six Outdoor Spots to Enjoy with Kids

If you’re already plotting how to keep your kids entertained this summer beyond the local park and swimming pool, check out these spots to explore, get dirty, take in the natural beauty, and let kids be kids. These mini outdoor adventures require minimal planning and travel time, as they are all within a 30-minute drive of Boulder. Expand your repertoire…

Glamorous + Camping = Glamping

When you’re enjoying the great Colorado outdoors this season, there is no reason you have to sacrifice your style. Practicality meets fashion when it comes to glam camping. Enjoy these multipurpose trends while on an outdoor adventure, or simply as trendy street clothes. So go out and enjoy the outdoors in style, but don’t forget sunscreen!

Avid for Adventure

Summer camp is a time for children to play outside, try new activities and forge deep relationships that can last a lifetime. Oftentimes it gives children their first taste exploring all the great outdoors have to offer.

Forest Bathing

Some days it’s challenging to decompress. With phones in our pockets that instantly connect us to anyone (anywhere!) in the world, notify us to check our email or Facebook page, update our calendar or download the latest version of some app we rarely use, it seems technology was invented to morph us into 24-hour multitaskers whether we like it or…

Boulder Rocks

Rock climbing’s history is a long one that knowingly dates as far back as 200 BC according to paintings which depict Chinese men performing the feat. The act of ascending mountains has undoubtedly been performed out of necessity in the past for hunting, religious pilgrimages, access to cliff-face dwellings and the common search for additional resources. It wasn’t until the…

Hiking for All

No matter what your age or fitness level, Boulder affords all of us the opportunity to experience a truly unique and splendid natural environment right outside our front door.

Camping in the Great Wide Open

Getting gourmet around the campfire beyond hotdogs and smore’s. Grant Buchanan with Culinary Concepts showed us how to whip up a decadent meal around the campfire, because let’s be honest, the campfire is one of the best parts about camping. Skip the sub-par food, take advantage of the campfire and get inspired with our gourmand’s style shoot, inspired by a blend…

Tebo Cancer Center Event

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Growing Gardens Donor Appreciation

Growing Gardens hosted their first ever Donor Appreciation Party at eTown Hall. Quemando served up some sizzling salsa music which paired deliciously with food from sponsor Centro Latin Kitchen & Refreshment Palace.

June 2015 Around Town

The 7th annual 1940’s WWII Era Ball on June 13 is an event you will not want to miss! The event began in the 1940s and since then has grown to be a vibrant and fun-filled community celebration of the Swing Era. Circa WWII vehicles and planes will surround the large, open hangar of the Boulder Airport. The Ball is not…

Summer Beer Love

Colorado is known for many things (yes, legal marijuana comes to mind), but 300 days of sunshine per year is one that locals consider a lesser-known gem. We’re also known for being the best state for craft beer. So when you combine the sunny summer weather with craft beer, magic happens. Well, okay. It’s not quite like a leprechaun riding…

Breathe in that fresh Colorado air…

Ahh, breathe it in, the great outdoors. There are thousands of reasons why people love this part of the country, and Boulder in particular. Outdoor activities, mild climate and all the natural beauty that surrounds us, are certainly high on the list.

Boulder Lifestyle’s 3rd Kentucky Derby Party

More than 350 guests celebrated at Mapleton Hill and helped raise $15,000 for Attention Homes and There With Care. Special thanks to title sponsors La Dolce Events, Audi Boulder, Oak at Fourteenth, Sanitas Brewing, Todd Reed and Atomic20. Thanks also to Rudy and Kathy Harburg for generously hosting the event.


Article Dana Lapinel Grant Buchanan with Culinary Concepts showed us how to whip up a decadent meal in the great outdoors, because let’s be honest: food is one of the best parts about camping. Skip the pre-packaged grub, take advantage of the scenery and get inspired with our gourmand’s style shoot. Contributors The Chef: Grant … Continued