Modern Abundance

Colorado’s arid climate poses a slew of challenges when it comes to landscaping in Boulder. Yet these are the circumstances that local LID Landscapes has been expertly navigating and mastering for nearly 40 years.

Green Thumb

The story of Sturtz & Copeland, Boulder’s treasured florist and garden center, is a storied one. It dates back to 1882 when James and Rhoda Hubbard built five greenhouses alongside the quiet dirt avenue of Arapahoe Road and opened Fawcett Floral. In August of 1928, Lloyd and Gladys Sturtz bought out the Hubbards, and Sturtz & Copeland officially entered its…

Forest in Fourmile Canyon

Call it a company’s social responsibility or a personal desire to affect change in the environment, but, no matter what, on April 22, Earth Day, Joshua Onysko, founder of Pangea Organics, and a team of up to 500 people are going to stick 20,000 trees in the ground.

Happy Trails, Happy Tails

Looking to beat the heat this summer? One of the best ways to do it is by heading up to higher ground. But there’s no need to leave your four-legged friend behind! We’ve scouted the top hiking trails for people and pets, along with a few other canine-friendly activities that will bring out the best in both of you. So…

Forest Bathing

Some days it’s challenging to decompress. With phones in our pockets that instantly connect us to anyone (anywhere!) in the world, notify us to check our email or Facebook page, update our calendar or download the latest version of some app we rarely use, it seems technology was invented to morph us into 24-hour multitaskers whether we like it or…