Mountain Modern Defined

According to the teams at Boulder’s Compass Real Estate and Cornerstone Homes, there are two overarching elements that make up the meaning of the mountain modern moniker.

Once In A Lifetime

For bassist Eric Gould, a touring musician with his band, Particle, performing tribute sets was a bit of a foreign concept. 

The Ultimate Retreat

This rustic log cabin, nestled in the woods just outside of Jamestown, looks over the expansive Rocky Mountains with views of Longs Peak and the continental divide. This retreat (and its incredible views) is a mere thirty minutes from Boulder and has quick access to hiking trails including the St. Vrain Trail.

Existence Ecology

Imagine your dream home. What does it include that makes it your ideal living space? Is it a home theater? The latest in designer appliances? An impeccable landscape?

Resplendent Ranch

When it came to conceptualizing the design for the outdoor living areas of this stunning Boulder home, RSL Outdoor General Manager John Herron notes that there was a significant prevailing factor working in his team’s favor.

Pom-Poms with Poppy & Co.

Hi! My name is Kelsey, and I am the face behind Poppy & Co. A wedding and family lifestyle photographer and frequent contributor over here at Boulder Lifestyle and Cherry Creek Lifestyle. My photos are accented with lots of excitement, laughs and most importantly, color! I most likely will not show up wearing black to your wedding or photo shoot, but probably…

Business with a Purpose

Ask any business owner what the purpose of a business is, and the chances are the answer you’ll get is “to make money!”

The Homestead

Perfectly combining the charm of Boulder’s rural open spaces as well as accessibility to its exciting downtown urban hub, this is a home that brings together the best of what Boulder living has to offer. Situated within a picturesque pastoral landscape with 270-degree views of the plains to the east and mountains to the west, this home and property exude…

Kitchens al Fresco

 Article Lisa Van Horne | Photography Artisan Outdoor Kitchens  Outdoor kitchens are having a moment in Colorado, and it’s no surprise why. With the state’s 300 days of sunshine, exciting new kitchen technologies, and more cabinetry and cooking appliance customization options than ever, homeowners are eager to create outdoor kitchen spaces that can satisfy all their entertainment and outdoor cooking…

Bathroom 3-Ways

Fashion your bathroom with 
these three uplifted and 
fashion forward looks.

A Fresh Start

The inspiration for architect Renee del Gaudio’s family home began with a fire. A massive fire in 2010 spanned four miles in the Sunshine Canyon area and burned 179 homes in that area. One of the homes destroyed was a property owned by del Gaudio’s family. Though a tragic event, del Gaudio discovered a new perspective on a familiar landscape.

Why It’s Worth It

Here at Boulder Lifestyle, we can help with some of these big life questions. And when I mean some, I mean one thought-provoking question, and it’s why Boulder-based Big Chill Original Refrigerator and appliances are worth it.

Bikes + Brews

Walking into the Full Cycle in Boulder on the corner of Pearl and 18th St., it’s suddenly unclear if you’re walking into the neighborhood bike shop or the neighborhood bar. One side of the space is lined with bikes, gear and mechanics wrenching on equipment at a service station. Along the other side and near the front, is a brand-new…

Colorado Contemporary

Designed with reverence for the large open spaces and the panoramic Front Range views it looks out on; this Boulder County home is an embodiment of the openness and brightness of the expansive Colorado sky. Using unique natural materials to create focal points throughout and bind the house together with a consistent aesthetic, this build expertly balances craftsmanship with a…

Hydrotherapy Gaining Steam

There is no denying the stress relief that comes from a long soak in a hot tub. With a deep sigh, the body relaxes, and troubles seem to melt away. Water has been used for healing just about as long as there have been people with ailments. Its therapeutic applications are well documented all the way back to ancient Roman,…


Food-Inspired Home Decor

Innovative Interiors

Have you ever seen an absolutely stunning home and wished you could buy one of the rooms and everything in it? This is the idea behind BLUBOX, an innovative interior design service developed this past year by seasoned architects and designers from Mosaic Architects and Interiors. The service simplifies the interior design process for busy clients who enjoy nice things…

Curating Colour

Here’s something that’s a bit lovely, infusing interior design with personal styling and colour theory. Nancy Gandrud specializes in these three elements through her Boulder boutique design business—A Bit Lovely. “I wanted to pursue my own creative passions in fashion, art and interior design and help curate an aesthetic in Boulder. After living in Los Angeles, New York and studying…

DIY Door Wedge with Anna Bode

First, use your pencil and ruler to draw a straight line diagonally across the wood. Saw along the line and sand to a smooth finish. Here’s a tip: if you have a longer length of wood, it’s easier to mark the 6.5″ length and saw the diagonal line before cutting it off the larger piece. Otherwise, you might need a…