There’s No Place Like Home

The excitement, buzz and energy of urban living. The comfort, spaciousness and style of the ideal modern abode. This is the sweet spot that Pearl21 provides when it comes to calling Boulder home.

Stocking Stuffer Guide with the Manz

Let's face it, there is a lot that can be stressful about the holidays. Over-scheduled calendars get put to the test over these couple of months. Shopping can defiantly contribute to the chaos. For Andy and I, one of our favorite traditions around the holiday season is to make a date out of our stocking stuffer shopping. We like to hit up as…

Spruce Confections

Boulder locals have long known of Spruce Confections as a meeting place for early morning coffees, incredible scones, lively music during the summer, and incredible views of the Flatirons from the flagstone patio at the Pearl Street location.

Quiet but Powerful

 Article Article by Camille Wilson | Photography Photos by Kelsey Huffer  Sandra Pratt paints museum-quality romantic landscapes using oil on canvas. Her work speaks to the iconic American west with open and vast scenes and brilliant hues of color. Ann Klein, co-owner of SmithKlein Gallery in Boulder where Pratt shows some of her work, describes the paintings as having a…

The Grape Lineup

 Article Benjamin Wiese | Photography Ladd Forde  Wine festivals can be tedious and difficult to approach for the average drinker. Without a refined tasting palate or a guide to the wines, sips begin to bleed together while the pressure to appropriately discuss a nice Bordeaux begins to mount.   For Boulder Wine Merchant Owner Brett Zimmerman, his hope is the Grapes &…

Choose Your Adventure

 Article Ben Wiese | Photography Illustrations Sarah Nicholson  Everyone loves a good secret. Be it the hot new speakeasy, an upcoming marriage proposal, or a hidden parking garage downtown, the only thing better than one secret is three.   As a way to give outdoor enthusiasts new places to explore, local experts graciously shared their favorite secret spots to hike, bike…

Portrait of Design

 Article Meg Simon | Photography Ladd Forde    Spring brings in a renewal of creativity. There's something about the way the landscape comes back to life that reminds me the world is full of possibility and that new things and ideas come to fruition all of the time. 


We find a lot of inspiration on Instagram these days, and this month we connected with @darcie_shively AKA Darcie Shively, after spotting her fiber creations on our feed. Call it chance, and it ties in perfectly with Shively’s story. Her weavings have evolved to what she calls “records of chance,” designing patterns with primarily wool and cotton fiber pulp with…

Ace of Space

Co-founder Bill Goodrich describes his collection of shared workspaces as “an office for people who don’t work in an office. It’s a workshop for people who don’t have a workshop. And, it’s an art studio for artists who generate creativity from interaction, not just solo reflection.”

Reviving a Vision

You’re staring into the program, pen in hand, trying to decide how to fit hundreds of hours of ideas and intellect into your schedule of just five short days. It’s a dilemma every Boulderite has experienced as the array of flags are raised around CU’s campus each spring. The event promises to bring a world of thought leaders together in…


Ask David Bolduc, who founded the Boulder Bookstore in 1973, why he wanted to open a book shop and his one-word answer, delivered with a wry smile, is “foolishness.” Bolduc grew up in Muskeegan, a tiny town on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, and he spent a great deal of his time at the library.

Gear of the Dog

Outdoor essentials for your four-legged friend.

Getting CrossFit

Always remember, intensity is key so scale the loading or length of the workout to ensure it is done quickly with good form opposed to slowly or with compromised form.

Welcome to the Month of Modern

Colorado has a rich history of modern design, but it has always taken a back seat to “mountain” and “rustic” design in national media. My mission is to cultivate a conversation about “Colorado Modern,” and present the Denver/Boulder region as one of the nation’s most vibrant hubs of modern design.