a family affair

“Hey, Niemeyer's! You barbecuing?” A neighbor calls to us as he walks by. Sheri, communications director, wife, and mother of the majority of the Sundae Wines production team, explains to us that their family BBQ’s are infamous. They gather at least twice a week to share food and wine. Sheri never cooks for less than 40.

Winter Wine Infusion

Melding his Southern heritage, classic French training, and organic ingredients grown on his family’s Colorado farm, Chef Grant Buchanan is whipping up a delicious new spin on local cuisine. Taking a cue from chefs country-wide who are employing their native ingredients to create new, truly American fare, Buchanan utilizes homegrown produce, and techniques learned during his years studying in Paris,…

The Wine of the House

We had the pleasure of talking to Jack TerHar of Sill-TerHar Motors about wine. TerHar has been collecting wine for about 40 years. With four separate wine cellars in his collection (in addition to owning Vail Fine Wines in downtown Vail!), we figured TerHar would be the perfect person to talk to about different wine storage options for those just…


Owners of Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place, Shine Brewing Co., and Shine Potions, and authors of the bestselling cookbook Eat Drink Shine, the “Blissful Sisters” of Shine, Jennifer, Jessica, and Jill Emich, are always up for delicious local dishes with a side of an enticing conversation.

The Butcher & the Chef

Many people walk into to a butcher shop or grocery store prepared to purchase only one or two cuts of meat. Often it is based on what they grew up with, and what was used in family recipes. Little do they know, there are so many muscles that can be a substitute within the same cooking method, and are just…

Set the Soiree

There’s always an excuse for a dinner party, especially this time of the year. Family gatherings. Friendsgiving. Holiday parties. It's all about friends and family coming together to eat, drink and connect. Connection happens to be the perfect word to describe the purpose of a soiree, and it’s also a concept that’s meaningful to local event planner Dagny Morrow who…

Chef’s Special

After many months of waiting, we finally had a good excuse to break out the butcher paper. Why you may ask? Because Blackbelly converts into a venue by night, and what could be more fitting for a table runner at a butcher shop?

Hop into the kitchen

Wild Ale Sea Bass And Jicama Ceviche Choose the best-quality fish for this simple ceviche.

Traditional Whole Milk Ricotta

Top your favorite bread or crostini with homemade ricotta and sweet fig jam. Best with lemon shaves and a touch of fresh thyme.

Lab Work

It can be easy to assume that the craft beverage scene in Boulder is monopolized solely by craft beer. However, there is more than one delicious fermented beverage of choice to be imbibed here in Boulder, and local business Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha is here to introduce kombucha into our lives.

Wine 101

Since 2012 Carlin Karr has been working with Master Sommelier and Frasca Food and Wine Owner Bobby Stuckey as an advanced sommelier. Her career began while attending culinary school at the California Culinary Academy when Karr realized that her true passion was for wine. Karr has been recognized by multiple national publications and awards, including Forbes “30 under 30” in…

Breaking Boundaries

Tucked away up in North Boulder lies a small winery making a big impact in the beverage market. What We Love The Winery is “Colorado’s Craft Winery,” not only producing fine wines, but pioneering an innovative flagship line of wine based originals called the Decadent Saints. The scientist behind the wines—quite literally—is owner and degreed enologist Michael Hasler. With over…