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 Adrian Belew   Saul Zonana   Boulder Theater 

Jaquita Straw Means Business

When you cross paths with someone, who exudes raw energy and joyous enthusiasm, you can feel it. When you’re approached with fire fueled passion, you just plain stop. And if you’ve never experienced this, I recommend that you have a conversation with Ms. Jaquita Straw, frontwoman and powerhouse behind Jackie & The Racket.  

Backstage with Trout Steak Revival

Trout Steak Revival is known for their progressive, outside the box sound, inspiring lyrics and positive, upbeat demeanor.  It's no wonder this dynamic quintet has increasingly won the hearts of Colorado’s thriving bluegrass community.

Investing in the Future

Five years into running the Future Arts Foundation, Founder Travis Albright is still exploring exciting new ways to bring music and the arts to Boulder.

Meet Billy Failing

Boulder, Colorado has a long-standing love affair with bluegrass music. If you were really lucky, you might have even caught acts like Yonder Mountain String Band and String Cheese Incident playing free Sunday night bar gigs in the 1990s at Mountain Sun. Even if you weren’t technically there, you’ve probably told people you were there after a few IPA’s. No…

Live Music Mecca

 Walter Gorra Group   When: Friday, March 29th, 2019  Where: Boulder Theater

The Grass Lineup

 Article Andy Manz  At one point in my life, the quality of my summer was predicated on how many festival wristbands dangled from the stick shifter of my old Land Rover Discovery. While things are definitely different at age forty-one (husband and father of four), my passion for music festivals has not waivered.   

Bluegrass, Camping and Community

 Article Meg Simon  Every summer, Planet Bluegrass hosts some of the most anticipated bluegrass festivals in the world. Both seasoned veterans and first-timers across the state and the globe flock to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, RockyGrass and Folks Fest every summer to enjoy a few days of community, camping, and of course, music. This month we talked to Brian Eyster,…

Song of the Rockies

Wood Belly, a local Denver bluegrass band, writes and plays music inspired by Colorado’s stunning mountain landscapes. The group can trace its beginnings back to the Rockygrass Festival in 2015, where Chris Weist (mandolin), Craig Patterson (guitar), and Chris Zink (dobro) first met one another. In the year that followed, Aaron McCloskey (banjo) and Taylor Shuck (bass) joined in. Since…

Where the Colorado Twang Meets the Funk

A Border Collie named Griffin, sunken leather chairs and ambient lighting fill Arthur Lee Land’s eclectic mountain townhome. His hometown gig is a quarter mile down the road at a brewery that fits his trio’s unique style. Arthur, his wife Carol, and bandmates Zach Jackson and Will Trask, bring twang back to life.

Love, All

Samantha Trueheart (ST): What is your inspiration during your writing process?
Alaina Moore (AM): Patrick and I spent significant amounts of time sailing and living on a small sailboat. The first record we wrote was a literal, straight documentation of our first sailing trip. But since then sailing has taken an abstract place and has become a motivator to my creative life.…

Less is More

Yes, it is the dichotomy of my life. The SCI shows with the band are filled with great rewards, but sometimes great pressures. From setlist creations and special events, it can be a lot to shoulder. Sometimes the smaller solo gigs are a good release and a sense of stretching out from the “mothership,” a way to showcase where I…

January 2018 Back Stage

Music festivals and Colorado go together like hops and IPA’s. As the world-famous Telluride Bluegrass Festival prepares for a 45th annual event, one could argue that Colorado is the birthplace of the modern day music festival. While most of these multi-day music parties take place under the warm summer sun, Winter Wondergrass has taken a uniquely Colorado approach, and friends,…

The Drunken Hearts

he Drunken Hearts, a Colorado-based Americana band, has been making a name for itself across the state as well as the nation over the last few years. Originally a creative outlet for lead singer and acoustic guitarist Andrew McConathy, the group has grown into an electric five-piece, writing music that is alternately feisty and sensitive, while at the same time…

Grapes + Grass

Here at Boulder Lifestyle, we’ve been proud to present “Derby Days” Kentucky Derby party as the official kick-off to spring for the last five years. On August 25-26, “Grapes & Grass” (Wine + Bluegrass) will offer one last hurrah before the fall winds blow through this beautiful valley.

Planet Bluegrass

Planet Bluegrass has held festivals for over a quarter century and is responsible for three of Colorado’s largest: Telluride Bluegrass, RockyGrass and the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival. The last two are held on their ranch 25 minutes north of Boulder, in the small town of Lyons. The first RockyGrass festival was held in Lyons in 1992 on rented property. When…


Rapidgrass is a homegrown, Colorado Front Range bluegrass band that crafts songs and lyrics in celebration of mountains and whitewater rapids. The seeds for Rapidgrass were sown when Colorado native, Mark Morris (guitar and vocals) and Coleman Smith (violin, mandolin and vocals) were hired straight out of music school to play for the same band in New York. After some…

Bonnie & the Clydes

Taylor and I both have students and love teaching music and hanging out with our dogs. Caleb rides his bike all the time and is an engineer at Grace Design in Lyons. Glenn has a family and builds volume pedals for pedal steel guitars. Jake builds and fixes anything, and has climbed water towers all over Texas, in addition to…