Not Your Grandma’s Handicraft

BL: Where did you learn to embroider?EL: I am completely self-taught. My grandmother has experience with embroidery, but it was never a skill that was passed on. Before I started my practice, I always believed embroidery was just cross-stitching pillows and things like that. However, once I discovered the world of contemporary embroidery [I] realized it could be anything you…

Drawn Westward

 Article Kelli Ruhl | Photography Poppies + Paisley Photography  Michelle Courier was born to be an artist. The daughter of a painter and a weaver, Courier got her first easel at the age of four. Her passion for art was stoked from the start, as she spent every summer driving cross-country with her parents so that her father could capture…

Designs Inspired 
by Nature

Inspired by nature and intrigued by technique, furniture designer Jason McCloskey of Jace Will Designs creates pieces that are as unique as the peaks of the Rockies. Curved wood and sheepskin form a chair that’s purpose is to relax and quiet your mind. 

Pieces of Art

Many a family and group of friends have sat around an empty table, drumming their fingers in anticipation, as a box of jumbled jigsaw puzzle pieces is poured out in front of them. It’s this image, one of friends gathered in conversation and laughter, that inspired Liberty Puzzles Founder and Co-owner Chris Wirth to create his unique Boulder business 14…

Made in Italy

Elegant. Classic. Rich. Handcrafted. These are just a few ways to describe the incomparably crafted jewelry designs by Marco Bicego. A colorful blend of classic and modern, Bicego’s styles embody the care and craftsmanship instilled in him through years of experience and immersion in the creation of fine jewelry in his native Italy.

An ICONic Impact

For the past eight years, Trudi Horowitz and Susan Knickle have been working to eradicate the term “starving artist” from Boulder’s lexicon. With roots deeply embedded in Boulder’s art scene for over four decades, the women are using their own expertise to help local artists hone their craft and make a smooth transition from learning to succeeding.


With 300 days of sunshine, it’s no secret that Colorado lends itself to stellar images of the great outdoors. But what about the artists that thrive on imperfections—evocative moments with depth and grit? Are those folks better left for the ultra-urban environments like New York City? Joe Friend, a photographer, specializing in advertising, fashion and portraiture, says that for him,…

The Birth of a Craftsman

From his shop in North Boulder, artist Alexander Giray has made the seamless transition from climbing guide to craftsman. Upon meeting Giray, creator of aptly named Alexander Giray Designs, it is clear to see he is a man who has found his passion; upon seeing his work, you’d assume he’d found that passion a lifetime ago, and that he’d been…

A Handmade Transformation

Definitively describing the work of Boulder-based fiber artist Lucia Francis is a difficult task. Her aesthetic? Both whimsical and sophisticated. Her palette? Sometimes bright, sometimes all natural. And her medium? That changes regularly, too. Perhaps the intriguing variation in Francis’ work comes from a shifting focus and influence on her work. When Francis began her creative business, Uccellino Designs (uccellino…

An Open Channel

Stepping into Marie-Juliette Bird’s studio, the tack house tucked behind her home; a lavender aroma welcomes you and sunlight floods the floors. At a closer look, a grand piano is perched in the corner, and delicate crystals hover over the wooden table where her collection of intricate creations lie. There’s something of a fairytale quality about this place.

The Calm Between Control and Chaos

Opting for trowels, scrapers and knives, artist Peter Burega’s abstract expressionism of moments in places are precisely textured pieces that inspire feelings of strange wistfulness, where the exactitude of the plot is scaled back by the mercurial nature of each picture.

Artist Profile | Wyeth Shawn Lawton Talmon

When it comes to art, you're never too old—or too young—to start. We sat down with a young creative mind to hear about his artistic process. Meet Wyeth Shawn Lawton Talmon. (He happens to be named after Andrew Wyeth, one of his mother's favorite artists.)

Illustrating a Dream

Sitting in the bed of her truck, in a canyon in the Northwest, Sarah Nicholson paints the mountains by lantern light as a misty rain falls around her. For company, she has her dog and her paintbrushes, and she manages to completely disconnect from her phone and work obligations while sleeping nights away in her truck before moving onto her…

Artist Profile | Gail Folwell

Autumn, that magical time of year when pumpkin everything has returned, the air is crisp and cool and whistles blow and crowds cheer with the return of football. Indicative of fall nights on the couch cozily engrossed in the game, the return of football is—at its heart—an enthralling annual tradition.

Homegrown | Diving Deep

Born and raised in Aspen, Colorado, artist Juliana Forbes has held a pencil or paintbrush in her hand ever since she can remember claiming, “Art has been a bright thread weaving through every experience in my life.” In the '90s, she moved to Boulder, where she raised her children and currently paints and teaches classes to young students out of…

Artist Profile: McDavid Henderson

Pushing the boundaries of stylistic guildelines, McDavid Henderson is a Boulder-based artist whose work uniquely captures experiences and moments in time. Drawing inspiration from a huge range of mediums and creative outlets, from Tony Morrison to jazz to John Coltrane to hip hop and more, Henderson’s work resists standard definitions in the best ways possible.

Passing the Paint

The Super Bowl seems like ages ago but the feelings revolving around that special day have continued to resonate with local artist Will Day. Not just because he’s a Broncos fan happy with the 50th anniversary win, but because of the once in a lifetime experience he shared with another Boulder business, isplack. Isplack is an eye black company founded…


An impromptu purchase has been inspiring Dan Smith for eight years when he purchased his first lathe. Initially, Smith didn’t know how to work with wood, but throughout the years he has been perfecting his craft and the wood keeps turning. Smith practices as much freehand as possible, making his work without limits. Woodturning allows for creativity to trump over…

Artist Profile Bill Snider

Kinetic, layered and graphic elements is how Boulder-based artist Bill Snider describes his work that can be viewed at Art & Soul Gallery on Pearl Street and even in several galleries in New Zealand, where he spends part of the year. With Bill Snider Studios in two parts of the world, “everything” can be a source of inspiration.